There are different ways that you can find potential promoters to promote your brand or product.

  • Marketplace
    The first thing you should do is to search our marketplace of promoters, where you can filter your search to find the perfect promoter since they are already signed up and have a complete profile.

  • Manual Outreach
    One of the most effective ways to get potential promoters is by manually reaching out to them through email or direct messages on their social media channels.

    Since you have a profile that includes the information about your campaign, you simply need to include your vanity URL link to your sponsor profile with your messages.

    Now, you'll be able to write a quick message about promoting your brand or product by asking them to join your agency to let you know if they're interested.

    Then, you'll get an email and platform notification when they complete their profile, so that you can decide to accept or decline their requests to join your agency.

    Then you can filter your search by "team only" on the promoters page so that you only see results that include your team of promoters!

  • Influencer Facebook Groups
    Another great way to get a lot of potential promoters at once is by sharing your vanity URL link on influencer Facebook Groups, where thousands of influencers are looking for sponsors. Some sponsors have gotten hundreds of comments from these groups.

    Start joining these influencer Facebook groups and post your vanity URL link right away!