Search Filters

There are many search filters you can use to find the right promoter for you on the "Promoters" search page. 

Team Only: If a promoter has joined your agency, then you can filter your search so that only your team of promoters will show in the results.

Channel: Which channel would you like to have your promotion? This will filter promoters by which channels they're using (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). 

Name/Username: If you know the name or username of the username of a specific promoter, you can enter that here.

Dates Available: When would be the best day for your promotion to happen? We recommend a minimum of at least two weeks before the fulfillment date. This gives your Promoter enough time to work on his/her post. Two weeks is also ample time for communication between you and promoter to make sure the post is just right. 

Keywords: You can also search promoters by certain keywords that they associated themselves with. If you’re looking for someone in fashion or food, you can find promoters that have worked with those in the past.

Location: Location is very important to where your potential customers are. Where do you want your product/service promoted? Find promoters in the same location as you, especially if you have local business. If you have an e-commerce business, you can find promoters to promote your products both nationally, or even internationally! 

Number of Followers: How popular would you want your Promoter to be? Obviously the more followers the better, but remember - the more followers, the higher the cost. Think about your budget. But doesn’t hurt to search around!

Gender: Filter promoters by whether they are male or female. 

Rating: Filter promoters by their ratings, rated by other sponsors. 

Engagement: Filter promoters by their engagement rate (%) on their channels.

Age Range: Filter promoters by their age range. 

Sponsored By: You can search promoters by which sponsors they've previously worked with.