Before you start booking promoters, you’ll need to create campaigns.

Campaigns contain all of the information that promoters need to provide valuable exposure for the brand, product or service, so that you don't have to keep repeating this information to each promoter. 

When you send an offer to a Promoter, he/she will be able to view the campaign details before deciding to accept or decline your offer.

This gives you the ability to organize campaigns for different sponsors or businesses and you can also associate each campaign to specific days.

Examples of using Campaigns:

  • Multi-Day Campaign - You can assign different campaigns for specific days that lets promoters know what to do for multiple days.
  • Multi-Promoter Campaign - You can assign the same campaigns for specific days where promoters can promote the same brand simultaneously on the same days.

Begin creating a campaign by going into the "Campaigns" tab located in your "Profile". Click "Create a Campaign" to start. 

You will need to fill out the following items: 

Campaign Name: Name of the campaign. Give your campaign a name that will help you organize. (ex: "Nike - Spring Apparel Collection" or "RedBull - Black Friday Day 1")

Post Caption Description: Key messages you want to include. Describe what you would like to have the promoter write in their post description.

Campaign Message: Specific information that the promoter should include in post captions. What do you want your promoter to include in the actual caption? (Ex. "Please include verbiage that includes that our company is having the lowest priced winter sales in the past 10 years.")

Suggestions: Some tips to inspire creativity. Your promoter needs ideas on what to include in their post. What can you suggest to them that you want in your promotion, while also representing your brand? (Ex. "We suggest an outdoor photo with our jacket.")

Market Reach: Where is your audience? Are they going to be local, national, international? Choose "Local" if you are a local business, trying to reach a local audience. Choose "National" or "International" if you want to reach a wider audience.

Links: Include any links that promoters need such as websites, affiliate sign-up page, specific product page, social media post, etc.

Expiration Date: This is the final date when you are planning to book promoters.

Budget Amount per Promoter (USD): Include your budget amount for this campaign. How much are you willing to spend in total for each promoter?

Campaign Goal: 1-2 sentences describing the influencer marketing campaign you're launching (Ex. "We would like to have an influencer show off our new winter sales to NYC through social media.")

Key Objectives: Describe what you're hoping to achieve from the dropdown list (brand awareness, engagement, etc.).

Incentives: Include incentives for the promoter's followers (discounts, free giveaways, etc.).

Channels: Select 1 or more channels that you want this campaign to be promoted on.

Keywords: Keywords that you can associate with your campaign, examples such as type of industry.