To get your agency profile to become published and appear on the agency search results, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Upload Company Logo: You can also upload your company logo through the "Edit Profile" page
  2. Complete "Edit Profile" fields: Please provide your name, keywords, and company information.
  3. Create a Campaign: You must create at least one campaign that you would like to promote.

You can view these steps by clicking the Profile Incomplete notification bar on the top of the screen when you create your account. You can click each step to reach where it can be completed.

1. Complete "Edit Profile" fields

You must complete all of the required fields for your profile. You can edit your information by going to the "Profile" tab, and clicking the "Edit Profile".

All fields in "Edit Profile" are required. You can go ahead and upload your company logo here too. For tips on what's the best way to fill this out, you can check out our FAQ here. And don't forget to add your "Keywords" that relate to your business too! (hit the "Return" key to add each one)

2. Upload Company Logo

If you haven't added it from the last step, go to "Profile" and then "Edit Profile". You can click the Profile Photo icon to upload your profile image.

3. Create a Campaign

You can create a campaign by going back to your "Profile" and clicking the "Campaigns" tab. Next, you will need to click the "Create A Campaign" button.

All the fields for the campaign are required in order to start booking promoters. Once completed, you can click "Save Campaign". 

Congratulations! You are now ready to find promoters to promote your clients!