For Agencies

Currently, as an agency, you're acting as a sponsor for your clients, where you manage and track the entire influencer marketing process.

  1. Publish your Sponsor Profile - You need to provide some basic information and links to help promoters learn as much about your agency as possible.

  2. Communicate with Sponsors/Businesses - Communicate with your clients to get as much information about the campaign for their promotions and to negotiate their budget and payment for your services.

  3. Create Campaigns - Include any relevant information about each campaign based on each of your clients to let promoters know everything they need to know to provide the most valuable exposure without having to keep repeating the same process for each promoter. Make sure to set your budget lower than your client's budget amount so you have room to make a profit.

  4. Search for Promoters - Filter your search in our marketplace or send your vanity URL link to your profile to find the perfect promoter and review their profiles that contain everything you need to make a decision such as their background information, sponsor history, ratings & reviews, prices, add-on services, and detailed insights.

  5. Book Promoters - Book the days of your promoters on their availability calendar the same way you book rooms or flights, where promotions will be automatically scheduled on specific dates. Promoters are required to accept or decline your offer within 24 hours so that you're not wasting time waiting for a confirmation. Campaigns are more effective if you book them for promotions on multiple days.

  6. Manage & Track Promoters - Once your offer has been accepted, you will be charged based on the prices of their standard promotion and add-ons. You will able to discuss the details of your promotion with our internal messaging system, where your conversations are linked to each day.

  7. Rate & Review Promoters - You will get a notification the day after the promotion has been fulfilled so that you can review the results and you have 2 weeks to give your rating and review of the promotion. The promoter only gets paid after the promotion has been fulfilled.