The Problem in the Influencer Industry

Even though all of the problems in the influencer industry stem from influencers, all of the platforms available are geared for sponsors, which is why the influencer marketing process is still a very time-consuming process that takes weeks/months to finalize.

Paid Exposure is the first platform that empowers influencers to become entrepreneurs with a platform to manage and scale their own business and a marketplace to connect with sponsors.

Our unique system allows agencies and sponsors to book influencers, the same way we book rooms or flights, with a ratings & reviews feature, where promotions are automatically scheduled on specific dates.

By providing accountability, you don't have to worry about influencers running away with your money because we protect you by only paying the promoters after the promotions have been fulfilled.

We are currently the only platform that allows sponsors to book multiple influencers and finalize negotiations/transactions within 48 hours.