Once you decide to monetize your followers/viewers/audience, it’s a completely different role since you transition from the followers to sponsors being your customers.

Because of this, we actually decided to name the content creators/influencers on our marketplace as “Promoters”. It’s actually becoming more beneficial for us to use this term with the growing stigma for the term “influencer”.

"Promoter" is the correct term for describing those who are actually attempting to monetize their creative work or their influence. Influencer marketing is just the initial vertical or aspect of exposure that we're providing. In the future, we're also hoping to empower our promoters to monetize valuable offline exposure, and the title "promoters" is the best fit as a description.

Our mission with Paid Exposure is to empower anyone who can provide valuable exposure to become entrepreneurs or promoters, which is what influencers and creators simply do for sponsors. We’re providing a platform to help influencers with tools to scale their business in promoting sponsors seeking valuable exposure.

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