Influencer marketing is a very time-consuming process, which currently takes weeks or months to finalize the negotiations and transactions with sponsors and influencers because of the lack of trust.

Our platform builds trust by providing 1) transparency, where our promoters show all of their prices, availability, and information, 2) credibility where you can view past sponsor history along with ratings and reviews, and 3) accountability, where we protect promoters by accepting the payments and we protect sponsors by sending payments after the promotion unless there are any disputes for a refund.

Below are the benefits of joining Paid Exposure:

  • Sharing your Agency Profile
    You can easily get influencers by simply sharing your own vanity URL link to your agency profile with all of the details of all of your campaigns and asking them to join your agency's team of promoters without any effort!

  • Search a Shared Database
    You will be able to filter your search of your own team of promoters with the option to include promoters from our shared database of promoters who joined our marketplace or other agencies so that we can build the biggest database of shared promoters for agencies to attract more sponsors.

  • Scale your Business
    By signing up and sharing your team of promoters, your agency will get a 10% commission EVERY TIME anyone on your team of promoters accepts offers from other sponsors or agencies on our platform without doing anything.

  • Find the Perfect Promoter
    Filter your search of your team of promoters by # of followers, % of engagement rate, keywords, demographics, location, ratings & reviews from past sponsors, pricing, and social media channels. Then review their detailed profile listings that include all of the information you need to make a decision.

  • Automatically Schedule Promotions
    It's like booking a hotel room, where you can book the available dates provided by promoters and automatically book promoters on specific dates when you want your client's brand or product to be promoted.

  • View Sponsor History & Reviews
    You can gain more insight into promoters by seeing their past performance history with sponsors along with their ratings & reviews of past promotions.

  • Include extra add-on services
    You can really customize your promotion by adding some extra services that the promoter is willing to do on top of the standard promotion, like extra stories, edited videos, public appearances, etc.

  • Stop Wasting Time
    You will get a notification within 24 hours if the promoters have accepted your offer so you don't have to waste time waiting for a confirmation.

  • Associate Campaign Details
    You can associate different campaigns to each promoter that includes your goals, key objectives, suggestions, incentives (discounts, giveaways, etc.), links, caption description (#tags, tag lines, etc.), and other information a promoter needs to provide valuable exposure.

  • Communicate without confusion
    By attaching your conversations with each offer detail for each promotion, you will never get confused by communicating within our messaging system to discuss other details of your promotions.

  • Ensure Quality Assurance
    You will be able to rate and leave a review of your experience after your promotion has been fulfilled. This will increase quality and ensure promoters create great content for sponsors. The sponsors and marketing agencies will be vetting the promoters with ratings and reviews so you know who to avoid.

  • Payment Protection
    We will not distribute the funds to promoters until they have successfully launched their promotions and unless there are any disputes.

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