Manual Outreach

One of the most effective ways of successfully getting more sponsors is manual outreach, which means reaching out to as many sponsors as possible by email or messages on social media channels.

With our platform, you can send a link to your promoter profile with your own unique vanity URL link, so you don't waste time going back-and-forth with sponsors. The entire transaction process can be finalized within 48 hours, instead of weeks or months.

You should reach out to as many potential sponsors as possible. Contact at least 10 sponsors per week to grow your business right away!

Here are some email templates that can help guide you with your email messages to potential sponsors.

Sharing your vanity URL link

We've made it a lot easier for you to get more sponsors by allowing you to share your own unique vanity URL link that will lead potential sponsors directly to your profile. Now, instead of going back-and-forth with sponsors to provide them with information, you just have to include your link to your messages!

All you have to do is go to your Profile and click on Copy URL.

Support Sponsors within Your Followers

One of the most effective ways of looking for sponsors is by supporting the potential sponsors within your followers. Since they're already following you, there is a higher chance of that sponsor booking you to promote their brand, product, or service.

Your followers are not going to be turned off because your doing something that gives back to your followers by supporting businesses and allowing the rest of your followers to benefit from potential deals and discounts from those sponsors.

It's also a great way of increasing your number of followers since your sponsors will most likely share your promotions for them!

Promote on Social Media Groups

Another great way to find sponsors is by posting your promoter profile in social media groups related to influencer marketing on Facebook, Linkedin, or Reddit.

By posting your promoter profile in these groups, sponsors will be able to view your information and book you for a promotion instead of simply posting your social media channel and then wasting time.

Below are just some links for example:

Here's a list of other Influencer Facebook Groups by simply searching "influencer" on Facebook!