Channels are different social media platforms that you would like to include for sponsors to get exposure. We currently have the following channels available: Facebook Pages, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, and Podcast.

Why have separate channels?

Most of you are trying to monetize your reach by combining all of your social media channels into one. The problem is that each channel has a different audience and different types of content.

Most likely, you also have a different number of followers on each channel. It would be more effective for you to separate each channel so that your potential sponsors can choose different strategies with different audiences.

You will actually be able to get more sponsors because you will be able to cater to sponsors with lower costs for channels with a lower number of followers. This means that you can make a lot more money!

Channel Summary

The channel summary section of your profile shows potential sponsors a quick view of your insights that includes the # of followers, engagement, engagement rate, and rating.

Some of the channels are incomplete because the companies do not provide access to their insights data to marketplaces to prevent competition.

Below is the status for each channel:

  • Facebook Page - # of Followers Only
  • Instagram - Complete Summary
  • Twitter - Complete Summary
  • Tik Tok - # of followers. No engagement.
  • Twitch - Manual input of # of followers.
  • Youtube - Manual input of # of followers. 
  • Podcast - Manual input of # of followers.