To get your promoter profile to become published and appear on the promoter search results, you must complete the 6 following steps:

  1. Complete "Edit Profile" fields
  2. Upload Profile Photo
  3. Connect a Social Media Channel
  4. Upload 4 Featured Photos
  5. Include Relevant Keywords
  6. Add Calendar Prices
  7. Show your Databoard

You can view these steps by clicking the Profile Incomplete notification bar on the top of the screen when you create your account. You can click each step to reach where it can be completed.

1. Complete "Edit Profile" fields

You must complete all of the required fields for your profile. You can edit your information by going to the "Profile" tab, and clicking the "Edit Profile". All fields are required, except for "Company Name".

2. Upload Profile Photo

Go to "Profile" and then "Edit Profile". You can click the Profile Photo icon to upload your profile image.

3. Connect a Social Media Channel

You can connect a social media channel by clicking "Add Channel" found on the bottom left corner below the "About Me" section of the "Profile" tab. Select which platform you would like to connect to your promoter profile and you will then be taken to the channel page. 

Once you are on the channel page, click on the "Click to Connect" button to connect your social media account. (Note: If you connect with Instagram, it will need to connect to your Facebook account first.)

4. Upload Featured Photos

After you connect your social media channel, you can upload 4 featured photos by going back to your "Profile" page and clicking on the 4 image icons to replace and upload the best images that represent you for each channel.

5. Include Relevant Keywords

Make sure to include all the relevant keywords that can help sponsors find you. Here are some examples that might help:

  • Niche/CategoriesIndustry, niche, or categories (fitness, fashion, food, beauty, action sports, etc.)
  • Characteristics - Physical description or characteristics like hair color, ethnicity, physique (Blonde Hair, Hispanic, Brown Eyes, Muscular, etc.)
  • Interests - Topics of interest, occupation, hobbies, activities, teams (entrepreneur, parenting, surfing, skateboarding, football, photography, etc.)
  • Special Features - Unique characteristics, skills, or accomplishments (NFL player, Olympian, Harvard Graduate, Tattoo Model, etc.)

6. Add Calendar Prices

Last step! You will need to describe your "Basic Promotion", which is the minimum promotion you are going to do for all of your sponsors. You can also include "Add-Ons", which are extra services that sponsors can add with your basic promotion.

You will now need to set up a price on your calendar so that sponsors will know how much you are charging for your "Basic promotion". You can add and edit prices to your calendar by going to "Profile" and then "Edit Channel Details"

You can add prices to each day of the calendar manually or use our "Setup Pricing" tool to update multiple dates at once. Click "Publish Channel" to save changewhen done.

And that's it! Your profile is complete and published, and can now be seen by the public! Good luck!

7. Add a Databoard

A databoard is made up of individual data blocks, which shows your metrics for your channel with a visualization type, including Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Funnels, Progress Bars, and more. 

This shows important metrics and information about your performance on your social media account without wasting any time, like taking screenshots of your insights, by allowing sponsors to view everything.

This really builds your credibility by being transparent and allows the sponsors to make a decision about booking you as a promoter.

Learn how to add a databoard