In the Settings, you will find a Payment Methods section. You can click Add Payout Information (or Update Payout Information, if editing) to begin setting up your payment.

Once you click Add Payout Information or Update Payout Information, you will be then be taken to a payment portal screen where you must fill out Type of Entity, Country, Mobile Number, and Email. A text message will be sent to your provided phone number to verify your account. Click Next when completed.

Enter the verification code that was sent to your phone.

You will then be taken to a screen to fill out more details such as your Legal Name, Email Address, and Business Website (in the future, this will be defaulted to your Paid Exposure vanity URL). Click Next when complete.

In the last screen, you will need to input your Routing Number and Accounting Number. Once filled out, you will be taken back to Paid Exposure's Settings, and your billing information is then ready to do. You will see a message under Payment Methods that says "Payment details saved" to let you know your payment information is complete.