Campaign Details

Each offer is associated with a campaign that you can view on the offer details. You can get more information about the campaign by clicking the "+" icon to expand details.

  • Campaign Name - Name of the campaign. (ex: "New Spring Collection Launch")

  • Budget Amount per Promoter (USD) - This is the budget that they are willing to invest for each promoter.

  • Market Reach -  Sponsors can choose local, national, or international. This lets you know who they want to target for their market.

  • Channels - These are the only channels where the sponsor would like to promote.

  • Campaign Goal - These are 1-2 sentences describing the influencer marketing campaign they're launching and any details about what they're hoping to accomplish in working with you.

  • Campaign Message - These are key concepts or messages that they expect you to include when promoting their brand or product.

  • Key Objectives - Describes what they're hoping to achieve.
    1. Awareness - Measuring views, impressions, and visits
    2. Engagement - Measuring likes and comments
    3. Leads - Measuring any sign-ups or leads
    4. Clicks - Measuring link clicks or swipes
    5. Sales - Measuring sales revenue

  • Suggestions - These are tips to help inspire your creativity and give you ideas on what they want to include with your promotion so that you can get a vision of what they're expecting from the promotion.

  • Incentives - This includes any incentives for you or your followers, such as discounts, affiliate links, free give-aways, coupon codes, etc.

  • Post Caption Description - This includes specific details that the sponsor wants you to include in your caption, such as their social media @username, hashtags, or company motto.

  • Links - These are specific links that you might need to learn more about the brand/product, to join an affiliate program, to specific social media accounts associated with the promotion, etc.

  • Promoter Keywords - These are keywords that the sponsor associated with the campaign.