Pending Offers

You will receive an email and platform notification when a sponsor requests to book you on your calendar. You can find these pending offers on your Dashboard or your Offers page.

Types of Offers

  • Pending - These are all offers that you have not yet accepted or declined.
  • Accepted - These are all offers that you have accepted.
    • Unfulfilled - These are offers for upcoming promotions which you have not yet fulfilled, which means you haven't promoted the sponsor yet.
    • Fulfilled - These are offers for past promotions which you have already fulfilled, which means you have already promoted the sponsors.
  • Canceled - These are offers that you have declined and offers that were automatically canceled due to the lack of response within 48 hours.

Offer Detail Information

The offer details will give you all of the information you need to accept or decline the offer. Here's a list of what you will be able to view on the offer detail pages:

  • Fulfillment Dates - Each offer detail is associated with a specific fulfillment date when you need to launch the promotion to let you know everything about the promotion for each specific date.

  • View Sponsor - This is the link to the sponsor page that includes all of the information about the sponsor.

  • Transaction Details - This section gives you the description and amounts for your basic promotion and any add-on services included with the offer, which helps you keep track of the services or deliverables you need to include for each promotion for that specific date.

  • Private Notes - This is a section that allows you to save any private notes or reminders associated with each promotion so that you never get lost. Sponsors will not see this information.

  • Campaign Details - Each offer includes the details of the associated campaign so that you know everything that the sponsor is expecting from your promotion for each specific date. You might have different campaigns from the same sponsors for each offer for specific dates.

  • Messages - You can communicate with the sponsor about the specific offers within each offer detail so that your conversations are always organized to prevent any confusion. This also helps to protect you from any disputes by documenting and confirming everything within the messages.