On the top, each sponsor will have their location, website, and social media accounts. Review their website and social media accounts to learn more about the brand and the product or services they provide.

  • Location
    You can see their location
  • Website
    Profiles include a link to their website.
  • Social Media Links
    You can view their social media accounts.
  • About
    This is the company description for the sponsor that can include their story and their background.
  • Campaigns
    The details of the campaigns allow you to get a better understanding of what they are hoping to get from promoters that include their goals, objectives, suggestions, links, and everything else you would need to promote them.
  • Sponsorship History
    You can view promoters which the sponsor has worked with in the past.
  • Team
    You can view the promoters who they've accepted to be part of their team of promoters.
  • Keywords
    You can view keywords that the sponsor associated with their brand, company, or products.