Even though all of the problems in the influencer industry stem from influencers, all of the influencer platforms available are geared for sponsors. Nothing exists that actually help creators and influencers manage and scale their own business to get sponsors more consistently.

It's difficult for influencers to build trust with sponsors because of the lack of transparency, credibility, and accountability. Our platform solves this problem which makes the process more efficient, which is how we're able to finalize transactions within 48 hours instead of weeks or months.

Our goal is to help you run your own business as an entrepreneur by giving you all of the tools you need to be successful instead of relying on anyone else.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Benefits of Paid Exposure for Promoters:

  • Stop wasting time
    Simply post your own 
    vanity URL link on your page or send a link to your detailed profile with all of the information a sponsor needs to make a decision without having to waste time going back-and-forth before finalizing a transaction.

  • Get more sponsors
    Gain more credibility and get new sponsors by building your trust and showing your past sponsor history along with ratings and reviews. You can also join our agency or other agencies that can connect you to more sponsors.

  • Stay authentic
    Control the details of the promotion to effectively promote your sponsors by only taking suggestions from sponsors while maintaining authenticity with your followers.

  • Choose your Sponsors
    You can simply accept or deny any sponsors so that you only endorse brands and companies that you think resonates with your followers.

  • Automatically schedule promotions
    Our calendar-booking system allows you to set your availability and lets you know exactly when you have to promote your sponsors to prevent any scheduling issues.

  • Get Paid to Talk
    You can use our phone messaging system that allows you to get paid for your time to ensure you only get calls about serious offers without having to give out your private contact information.

  • Accept Different Budgets
    Give your sponsors more custom promotions with options for any size budget by adding add-on services like extra stories, videos, public appearances, or anything else you want to monetize on all of your social media channels.

  • Payment Protection
    We authorize the payment as soon as you accept the offers from sponsors and you receive payment after you have fulfilled the promotion so you don't have to worry about getting paid.

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