Paid Exposure is a platform that empowers anyone to manage and scale their own business and connect with advertising sponsors or agencies looking for valuable exposure.

Our mission is to empower anyone who wants to monetize and provide valuable exposure. We want to help people the way Uber and Airbnb have helped people earn more money but without the necessary and expensive resources such as a house or a car; they only need a mobile phone. 

Only 8% of influencers are successfully monetizing their followers to make a business. But micro-influencers, who make up 92%, with 10,000 and 100,000 followers, are gaining popularity for influencer marketing because of their higher engagement rate, lower costs, and more specific niche.

Most of the issues in the influencer marketing industry stem from influencers. By focusing on the problems of the influencers, we provide a solution to sponsors who are looking for specific influencers to promote their brand or product. We also provide value for marketing agencies by providing a more efficient process of searching and managing multiple influencers.

The most important aspect of successful and efficient marketplaces is trust. We help build trust between you and the influencers with:

  • Transparency
    You waste a lot of time finding the right influencers and negotiating transactions because you can’t see any information about them. Paid Exposure allows you to review profiles that contain all of the information and analytics you need to make a decision.

  • Credibility
    It’s impossible to know who to believe about their own sponsorship history. Our marketplace allows you to view each promoter’s actual history of past sponsors along with their ratings and reviews, to help you filter out your best options.

  • Accountability
    It’s very difficult to choose the perfect promoter and predict who is trustworthy. The ratings and reviews increase the quality of their services and help keep influencers accountable but our platform also protects sponsors and agencies by handling the transactions, where we accept payments from sponsors or agencies and only pay the promoters after launching the promotions unless there are any disputes.

By building your trust with Paid Exposure, transactions that typically take weeks or months can be finalized within 48 hours.