1. Profile Header & Background

Each profile contains a profile header that contains the promoter's name, location, age-range, and bio. You will also see a way to copy their vanity URL, just in case you need to send the profile to a team member.

Then you will be able to view some detailed information about their background that can include links to their websites, Youtube videos, images, etc.

2. Channel Summary

The next section shows the channels they have added to their profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

  • Channel Link - You can click on the link that will take you to the connected channel.
  • 4 Featured Photos - There are 4 featured photos uploaded by the promoter.
  • Keywords - Learn more about the promoters by reviewing their keywords related to their niche/category, characteristics, interests, or special features.
  • Channel Summary - Get a quick summary of their # of followers, engagement, and other available information.

3. Basic Promotion & Add-Ons

  • Basic Promotion - This section contains the minimum services or deliverables that the promoter is willing to provide to every sponsor.
  • Add-Ons - This section contains all of the other services or deliverables that the promoter is willing to add to the basic promotion for a specific price.
  • Announcements - This section is where the promoters will be able to announce any special news that might be beneficial to sponsors and agencies.

4. Availability Calendar

Their calendars are completely separate from each channel and will only show their availability for a specific channel. Their availability is shown by having a price on the dates.

  • Minimum Gap Days - These are the minimum days in between each promotion to prevent sponsors and agencies from booking promoters multiple days in a row.
  • Prices - The prices on the calendar are prices for the services and deliverables under the basic promotion.

Click on all of the available dates when you would like the promoter to promote a brand, then click on "Request to Book" to continue.

4. Campaigns & Add-Ons

Once you've selected the date, you will then be able to select which campaigns and add-ons you would like to include for each day. You will also need to associate the campaign for each day as well, so the promoter knows what they will need to promote.

4. Order Summary

Click "Next" to view the "Order Summary" page. Review your information and select the payment you would like to use. Once ready, click "Book Now". 

The promoter will then have 48 hours to accept or decline your offer. If there is no response from the promoter, then your offer will automatically be canceled.