Offer Details

After a sponsor requests to book you for a promotion, you can communicate with your sponsors to discuss any details or information you need to provide the sponsor with the most valuable exposure on our internal messaging system within the offer details.

By linking your conversations to each offer detail for each day, you will never confused about anything you discussed regarding any of your promotions.

  • Pending - You will be able to communicate with the sponsor in the internal messaging system within the offer details to discuss any questions about the details of the promotion before you decide to accept or decline their offer.
  • Canceled - You will not be able to communicate with any sponsors once it has been canceled.
  • Fulfilled - Once your promotion has been fulfilled, you will no longer be able to communicate with the sponsor in the messaging system. You will see a message that says, "Messaging is no longer allowed on this offer."

We limit the messaging access because we wanted to make sure that sponsors do not take advantage of your time unless they are actually requesting to book you for an upcoming promotion.

Coming soon: We will be integrating a phone messaging system that will allow sponsors to call you without having to give them your private contact information.